#5 Ways Periscope Can Help Build Your Business & Generate Sales

People don’t tend to appreciate this but Periscope has the potential to be a HUGE tool in your social marketing arsenal. Check out our five ways that Periscope can help you build your business and generate sales below:

TIP #1 – Have A Catchy Title

Like any form of digital media, the title is always the first thing that people see. The title is what draws the viewer in and triggers their desire to view and engage. Many Periscope users still leave ‘scopes “Untitled” and put no thought into the title at all. When ‘scoping, it is important to think about the title and what YOU would click on and view yourself. What kind of scope would you commit time to?

Below are some examples of good and bad scope titles for you to check out:

Periscope Good v Bad

DME Power Tip: Like Twitter, use appropriate hashtags in your Periscopes to gain more reach when published on social.

TIP #2 – Connect To Twitter

Connecting your Periscope account to your Twitter account is probably one of the most important things you can do! This will allow you to tweet to all of your followers every time you scope while allowing them to view you on the web or on the mobile app. This is especially helpful if you have a large twitter following!

TIP #3 – Engage In Other People’s Scopes

Like any social platform, it is important that you are engaging with other people’s scopes. Watching and participating in scopes by key influencers in your industry is a great way to communicate and converse. Think of it as digital networking – you are in a virtual room with, potentially, thousands of like-minded people. Engage and interact! Follow as many fellow Scopers and watch as many, live, as you can. Followers will arrive this way because you are contributing to a valuable topic that they are interested in so ensure that you make some excellent conversation!

TIP #4 – Don’t Be Pushy

Don’t get me wrong, Periscope can be an excellent platform to gain potential leads, or even sales, but don’t be pushy. Instead of trying to sell, use Periscope as a platform to gain peoples’ trust while building credibility. Once you have a loyal following on Periscope, maybe try scoping about a service you happen to offer. You could even offer a couple of services away for free and then supply the viewers with a special promo-code at the end of the scope. Periscope shouldn’t be a platform to push for sales, instead, it should be a platform to engage and interact with like-minded individuals and develop a sense of authority and trust. Periscope is about giving, not so much about taking.

TIP #5 – Produce Worthwhile Content

Periscope is probably one of the best ways to engage with your audience on much more of a personal level. It’s a great opportunity to share something from your personal life or alternatively, enabling viewers a rare look behind the curtains. It’s important to have a good balance. Try and focus on small topics and include personal elements even when discussing business. This will allow you to build a greater trust with your audience and potential clients!

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