Beginners Guide To Setting Up A Social Media Editorial Calendar


If you work in a digital media agency and have just secured a contract to construct a company or brands’ social media strategy, initial team brainstorms will always result in a few immediate tweets or engaging posts springing to mind.

Say you’ve recently acquired control a Twitter handle with the overarching aim to build excitement around a forthcoming football video game release for XBOX.

You immediately think that by posting a classic image of an old classic such as FIFA 98 while jumping on the #ThrowbackThursday hashtag, what better way to tap into the nostalgia of your football-hungry teen / adolescent audience via a goodwill post in this way?


Not a bad idea by any stretch of the imagination but how can you formalise great ideas such as this so they are posted on more of a regular basis in a pattern, either weekly or monthly or perhaps, scheduled accordingly?

Setting up a social media editorial calendar is the answer!

Annual events are your best friend!


The very best Twitter handles representing brands ensure that they tap into as many annual events as possible while tailoring them specifically and expertly to what it is they are trying to market and sell.

You only have to look back at what content the likes of Airbnb, Fanta, Burger King and ASOS Menswear recently produced for Halloween this year to reinforce this point exactly.

This should be your basis.

In essence, we all know when Christmas is, when Mother’s Day falls, not to mention when the clocks go back for winter. Get the idea?

By signposting these yearly events onto either a digital or traditional calendar in your office, you can create a buzz around these events while tailoring the content back to your brand in the week or maybe even the month leading up to a specific date.

DME Power Tip: Signpost annual events on either a digital or traditional office calendar in order to map out marker points to build tailored content around.

What you’ll find is that your head will immediately start bursting with more and more fantastic content ideas around certain themes such as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and more!

Start becoming a positive nuisance by leaving a flea in your designers’ ear to start creating some spooky-fied or festive content that will prove to your followers that you’re versatile and crucially, relevant!

The internet has an answer for everything!


So let us come back to our metaphorical XBOX game Twitter handle.

We’ve agreed that a classic #ThrowbackThursday post could work well but what would work even better is perhaps celebrating either the release date or anniversary of that same classic game being released.

Befriend services such as Wikipedia which will have a comprehensive release date for any noteworthy video game to have hit the shelves down the years and schedule your same post but add in that greater context that you’re celebrating either five or 10 years since that game was embraced by the mainstream.

DME Power Tip: Use influential encyclopedic services such as Wikipedia to revel further context (dates, birthdays etc) behind potential content themes within your product or brand’s field

After all, the internet has an answer for everything!

And what’s more, you never know – this may make followers identify with your handle and brand as something of an expert or specialist who produces content such as this that has not been seen elsewhere to date.

Tying it all together


So you’ve noted down all the leading annual events in the year that you can create content around and you’ve also marked down significant historical dates in accordance to the industry or field your brand is involved within. What next?

Well that’s probably for another article but the answer is obtaining a great content mix.

By commissioning the design of event-based posts that will be scheduled or posted live in accordance with your newly written editorial calendar, you should supplement these well thought out posts with more tweets (or retweets) or follow-up posts that comment upon news within your industry.

By keeping your followers up to date with other forthcoming video game releases or recommending other games that your loyal legion of likers may enjoy, you’ll be enhancing the visitor experience by not simply harping on about your own particular product 24 hours a day.

DME Power Tip: Supplement your own content with comments upon news that underpins the industry your product or brand specialises in

So we’ll re-state what we outlined at the top of this very blog post. Coming up with a few great content ideas after an initial team brainstorm is fantastic.

But that’s just your basis. By taking the step to construct a social media editorial calendar thereafter, you’re giving your product or brand the very best chance of success.

Want an editorial calendar setting up for you or simply craving more advice?

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