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Building Your Digital Ecosystem To Give You The Edge

We regularly perform detailed Digital Media Audits, a deep dive into each element of a company’s digital strategy, and it can be one of the most rewarding investments for any company, as it illustrates where the strengths and weaknesses are in their approach to social media, web and mobile marketing.

The #1 Weakness Is Ensuring That Each Element Works Together To Create A “Digital Ecosystem”

The power of developing a fully integrated digital marketing system to give you the edge on digital media should not be underestimated.
We class a “digital ecosystem” as a sophisticated system of data collection, information services and products which work together. In fact we would go as far as to say that all of today’s successful businesses are ecosystems of people, products and services all working in harmony.
Start Small & Scale Up Your Ecosystem
When planning a digital strategy for a client we will develop this campaign by campaign and platform by platform. Every market and business is different and your strategy should reflect this.

Remember That The “Value” Has Shifted From Information To Implementation

I remember the days when people would make fortunes from selling information in ebooks and “information products”, but the internet is now full of free information and you can find out nearly anything through a little research and watching a few videos.

DME TIP:  Give away Information and Charge for Implimentation – Make sure your business model has moved towards giving away plenty of valuable information and positioning you as the authority, thought leader and expert in the market place – with your income generated from implementation. Give the “What” and charge for the “How” – this is your competitive advantage.

So what should you offer as a business in the modern digital world ?

There are three main approaches to providing services to clients / customers in your digital ecosystem:

  1. Advise You How To Do It – Develop a range of products which teach people how to do it themselves. These can be video courses, webinars or even live workshops.
  2.  Do It With You – Usually in the form of service “packages”. So you charge a fee for doing some of the work and the remainder is done by the customer / client.
  3. Do It For You – The custom model where you do all of the work for the customer / client.

Build a remarkable digital ecosystem which delivers a positive experience and keeps people coming back for more.

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