Who SHOULD you be Selling to? Creating your Customer Profile!

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Customer Profile

Constantly struggling to determine who YOU should be marketing and selling to?

Creating a customer profile allows you to know exactly who to target and how to engage with them on a deeper, more emotional and engaging level.

Targeting a customer based on their interests, goals, values & challenges can have a HUGE impact on your marketing!

Why is a Customer Profile so Important?

Creating a profile for your IDEAL customer allows you to implement a deeper level of understanding into your marketing, be it the copy in an email or the content in a blog post. It allows you to connect with your audience on a more intimate level and target exactly who you want as a potential client/customer.

Without a CLEAR and DEEP understanding of exactly who you want to target, you can find yourself being left with less-than-ideal customers as a result of your generic and ineffective marketing strategy.

Marketing can be seen as a psychology. You need to know exactly what your ideal customer likes, their goals and values, average income, age, gender etc.

With this information you can have a clear understanding of EXACTLY who you want to target.

What is a Customer Profile?

Customer profiles come in many different shapes, sizes and levels of included detail. We’ve looked at a number of different profiles, including Digital Marketer’s fantastic example, and have come up with one that, we believe, encompasses all of the relevant information required to access the target market you so desperately crave!


A customer profile can be based around an existing client you already have or a the type of client you would really like to work with,

We work with a lot of sports companies, so our ideal customer may be a male in his late 30’s to early 50’s with a wife, 2 kids and an annual income of over £60,000. He may be a marketing manager or a managing director who is struggling with implementing a solid, social strategy into his business.

It’s completely up to you how much detail you want to include!

What Are You Waiting For?!

If you have not yet created a customer profile… give it a go right away!

Don’t be afraid to be as specific as you’d like, the more detail the better! Creating a customer profile for yourself of your business will allow YOU to understand your target audience better, it will allow you to develop a deep level of trust and communicate with your potential customers on a very personal level.

Trust is certainly the key to building a long-lasting, sustainable business relationship, so make sure you include AS MUCH DETAIL as you can!

Try creating your very own customer profile and let us know on Twitter or Facebook how you get on!

If you require any extra guidance or assistance with building your customer profile, get in contact with the experts today.

All you have to do is send us an email on support@digitalmediaedge.co.uk, complete the form here – DME Enquiry or drop us a comment below!

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