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How Emojis Can Help Inspire Your Content Strategy

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If you thought emojis were simply a way for flirty teenagers to communicate with one another in their adolescence, think again.
Emojis are here to stay folks and they’re no longer a temporary fad bound by mobile alone, not one jot!
After all, we’ve seen evidence of this very point recently on Facebook whereby users no longer simply have to ‘Like’ a particular engaging post; they can now react with a series of alternative emojis.
Now successfully having been launched in a series of countries including the UK, Spain and Japan, social media managers are now that much more informed about the innate reactions a particular piece of content has yielded amongst their audience.
Everybody will be hoping for less angry faces and more surprised or loving-type emojis though, right? You get the idea!

Content that’s ‘down with the kids’

Depending on your intended audience of course, emoji use is naturally better suited to light-hearted industries or those realms typically less serious than say law for example.
A match made in heaven with industries working in say the sporting realm, emoji use is particularly powerful within industries where there is a lot of breaking news on a week-to-week basis.
News naturally yields a reaction amongst interested persons and pre-determining that with one of the many emojis that are now available can prove more powerful than first imaginable.

DME Power Tip: Emojis work incredibly well where you are presenting news-based content which is designed to promote an immediate reaction from your follower base by default

In being ‘down with the kids’ with your content in this way, emoji’s take up less characters by nature while adding a further dimension to each of your posts.

Standing out from the crowd

The fight for supremacy in regards to your content standing out from the crowd on Twitter is about as intense as a battle scene from the Lord of the Rings trilogy; that is nothing new of course!
But one of the ways in which you can further illuminate your content is via emoji use.
In some cases, it may even prove powerful to post a piece of content with an emoji in isolation to build intrigue while in other instances, a series of delighted emojis could be affixed onto, say a post boasting about a tip coming in on a betting-orientated page.
Are you with us?
By gratifying your audience in this way which lets be honest, everybody is familiar with in the modern-day given their hyperactive smartphone use, differentiating posts in this way may hold the key to your content receiving greater engagement.

DME Power Tip: Emojis are part of modern-day digital culture nowadays so by adding a further level of familiarity to your posts, you stand a greater chance of building engagement

It may not of course but why wouldn’t you make use of an option such as this in your overall content armoury?

Stop! Feed!

How many times a day do you whizz through your own Twitter feed paying little more than a mili-second of your attention to content that isn’t optimised and presented to the extent it could’ve been.
Emojis are engaging by their very nature and by almost filling in the blank white space on Twitter with this army of mini reactionary creations, there should be a greater chance of followers potentially pausing and checking out what news or alternative content you have to offer them.

DME Power Tip: When constructing each tweet or Facebook post, ask yourself whether an emoji could be weaved into your headline text to foster a greater connection between company / brand and audience

We’re not for one second claiming that an emoji or two can make up for a poorly written piece of content but when all of the elements are working well in unison, you can boast an incredibly punchy post that’s most certainly an attention grabber!

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