How To Completely Change Your Mindset About Blogging

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Ah the company blog! Every business undoubtedly benefits from having one to communicate industry trends, a key appointment, acquisition or perhaps to illuminate a prestigious piece of client work.

However, be honest – are you religiously posting on yours each and every week?

What blogging blockers exist?


Among the key blockers as to why company blogging may prove an afterthought or something to do only in your downtime, casual agency bloggers feel…

  1. Blogging takes too much time and distorts from day-to-day duties that should take precedence
  2. There is no immediate end-result to producing a piece of blog content
  3. There is the notion of ‘writer’s block’ that companies don’t know what to write about

Presenting your best self


While working in the creative industries can prove incredibly stressful with no real ceiling in relation to the amount of efforts you can continuously put in on social media to optimise your product or brand, blogging shouldn’t be relegated off your to-do list.

In order to amend your mindset, simply think of it like this…

  1. Total effort put into day-to-day duties + no time to blog = You know what your company does
  2. Effort put into day-to-day duties + weekly company updates = Everybody else knows what your company does too

We’re sure you can appreciate which option is the better course to take but it’s true isn’t it?

Without taking the the time to illuminate a project you’re working on, a vital piece of primary research or something else, any potential new client landing on your company website will be none the wiser and will therefore side with a competitor who is taking the time to blog.

DME Power Tip: Between your team, take at least 3-4 hours out of the working week to discuss and deliver value-adding blog posts that illuminate your company in the most desirable light

It’s all about taking time to present your best self. After all, isn’t that we all take the time to do on social media anyway?

The writer’s block myth


Agency groans of ‘I don’t know what subject to complete for my next blog?’ are rather tiresome when it comes to the amount of different ways we can deliver content in this incredible social age.

If you’re not necessarily the most skilled individual in repackaging and re-purposing content, it’s pretty easy to pick up that similar content can be delivered in FOUR major forms.

  1. Text Only
  2. Image
  3. Audio
  4. Video

So if you really are suffering from writer’s block which we doubt, who’s to say the piece you wrote last week can’t be repackaged and repurposed into a piece of audio content this week instead?

Say you work for a technology brand and you ran a standard list-form blog post last week on ‘The top 10 cameras to buy for the best Instagram shots in 2016’ and you’re stuck on how to follow that up this week?

Maybe you should try a podcast this time whereby a focus group discusses which camera is their favourite and why?

DME Power Tip: Before you necessarily think of what topic to complete for your next blog post, think what format you tried last time and what you could deliver in a different format this time (E.g. Video)

When you start thinking about these FOUR ways you can present each and every blog post you may be thinking of, you’ll really start coming up with ideas on much more frequent a basis, rendering the writer’s block theme a myth!

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