How To Start Social Listening For FREE!

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Social listening is one of the most IMPORTANT factors in a successful social media implementation.

GOOD social listening practice allows a company to monitor mentions of their brand, respond to messages received, respond to customer service issues and maximise their brand reputation QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY.

There are many tools that can be used to effectively listen on social, but the tool I’m going to show you allows you to do this for FREE. This tool is…



Many of you have probably heard of, or even used TweetDeck before but it can be a really effective tool to use when implementing good social listening practices.

I use TweetDeck to social listen for one of our main clients: Totepool. For Totepool I have my TweetDeck set up to show me mentions of the two twitter accounts we manage, Totepool & TotepoolRacing, I have feeds set up for the four main influential channels within horse racing and I also have direct message feeds set up for both channels.


It’s a fairly busy looking feed but it allows me to monitor all important mentions, comments, messages and key news stories in one feed, on one screen.

From here I can quickly respond to mentions or messages as well as deal with customer service issues by immediately alerting the relevant member of the Totepool team.

Responding to customers quickly and efficiently is key when retaining your brand’s reputation.

DME Power Tip: As a general rule, customer service messages should be responded to within 12 hours with an aim to resolve the issue within 24 hours.

TweetDeck is a powerful tool and, when set up correctly, can make social listening a quick and easy task.

Social Listening For Larger Business & Corporations

If you are a larger business or have a good budget in place to set up a more in-depth and advanced social listening campaign, there are some other tools that may benefit you.


Mention is a good example of a mid-range social listening tool. Mention can not only be used to monitor your brand and brand mentions but can also be used to monitor billions of other sources and identify key influencers based on a score out of 100. You can react to any social mention immediately from your dashboard making it effective and easy to use. One fantastic feature of mention is it’s ability to assign tasks to different team members. This makes it easier to delegate relevant tasks or messages to the relevant people e.g. the customer care department or the content manager in order for the right people to respond.


Social Studio (formerly Radian6) is the kind of tool you can expect a big corporation to use. This enterprise-level social listening tool provides advanced reports and integration with social platforms. Social Studio has a fully customisable dashboard that allows the user to track anything about their business or industry and respond. Social Studio also allows users to produce effective social sales and lead gen, driving revenue by understanding what content drives traffic and finding the conversations that will convert.

Want to implement your own social listening?

Try using tweetdeck and let us know on Twitter or Facebook how you get on!

Want any extra guidance or assistance with implementing your own social influencing campaign?

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