At Digital Media Edge, we believe in complete transparency when it comes to pricing, ensuring that our prices fairly reflect the level, depth and quality of work that we put into every single one of our clients projects. If you’re still sceptical, get in touch and we’ll arrange a visit to our offices so you can meet the team and see us in action.

Tier 1


  • Minimum of 25hrs per month
  • 3 Blog Posts Per Month
  • 4 Tweets per Day
  • 2 Facebook Posts per Day
  • Maintain LinkedIn Presence
  • 1x Offer Development
  • 1x Landing Page Development
  • Email Marketing Campaign Guidance
  • Monthly Reporting on 6 KPI
  • 1hr General Support

Tier 2


  • Minimum of 35hrs per month
  • 6 Blog Posts Per Month
  • Social Media Management
  • 8 Tweets per Day
  • 2 Facebook Posts per Day
  • Maintain YouTube Channel
  • LinkedIn Profile + Business Page
  • 2x Offer Development
  • 2x Landing Page Development
  • Email Marketing Campaign Planning and Setup
  • Monthly Reporting on 10 KPI
  • 2hr General Support

Tier 3


  • Minimum of 45hrs per month
  • 9 Blog Posts per Month
  • Social Media Management
  • 12 Tweets per Day
  • 3 Facebook Posts per Day
  • YouTube Channel + 2 Videos per Month
  • LinkedIn Presence + Business Page + Group
  • Multiple Offer Development
  • Multiple Landing Page Development
  • Included 2hrs Graphic Design per Month
  • Complete Email Marketing Campaign
  • Monthly Reporting on 15 KPI
  • Onsite visits upon request
  • 4hrs General Support


*PLEASE NOTE: We employ a "strategy before tactics" approach. In practice this means that we insist on a detailed initial strategy outlining the proposed tactics and results that each client is looking to achieve success from digital media, including metrics to measure this success. All of our packages below are subject to a "one month up-front initial payment" which covers the development of an in-depth "DMAPS" or Digital Media Audit Proposal & Strategy, a detailed analysis including market research, competition analysis and development of "Customer Personas" to ensure an understanding of the audience and development of an effective digital media strategy across web, social and mobile, including metrics to measure the on-going success of this strategy. This initial up-front payment also includes all set-up fees for any services that we may need to achieve the results outlined in your DMAPS - we believe in full transparency - no hidden costs.