Quick Guide To Using Twitter Cards To Increase Engagement By 43%

Over the past year, we have seen Twitter really step up their game, as far as creatives are concerned on their ad platform, especially with the use of images and videos, which we cover in more detail in The Ultimate Guide To Using Video On Twitter.

However, one of the often overlooked additions is Website Cards, which are a superb way to drive traffic to landing pages, websites, app downloads, in fact nearly any url you can imagine. In this article we will run through how you can get started using cards, the best practices for setting up your cards and how to set up metrics to measure the success of your card campaigns.

Why Use A Website or Lead Generation Card Instead Of A Tweet with an Image ?

Our own DME statistics back up what Twitter tell us,  making a tweet visual gets 313% more engagement than a plain text tweet, we have also seen that shorter punchy tweet copy of 100 characters or less actually get 18% more engagement than tweets which use all 140 characters and finally the ability to embed a “call to action” into the card means that people can take action directly through the tweet, as you can see below with the Paypal Website Card.


As you can see in the examples above, a tweet with an image still grabs your attention, but if you click on the image it only takes you to a larger version of the image, you need to include a link in the Tweet copy for people to click on. However the Website Card has a call to action button “Order Online” but actually if you click anywhere on the image it takes you directly through to the url you have embedded. The main reason a Card will give you 43% more engagement than a Tweet with an image.

DME Power Tip: 80% of people access Twitter on Mobile so make sure your ads take this into account. Always “preview” your campaigns on mobile before sending them live.

Building The Perfect Card – Get Each Element Right

Here are our DME Best Practice Tips for Twitter Cards. The three areas to focus on are:

  1. The Tweet Copy – Keep your audience in mind, keep the copy short and to the point, to minimise distraction. Ask a question to stop people and get them to click, a question generates 25% more clicks. Convey a sense of urgency.
  2.  The Image – Make sure it is a sharp and using the correct format can help here, use a .png image, that grabs people’s attention and please make sure is the correct size 🙂 There really is nothing worse than seeing a badly sized image which is half cropped 🙂 We recommend designing and sizing an image specifically for your ads.  See advice below.
  3.  The Call To Action – Twitter offers far more call to action buttons than Facebook, so choose the most relevant to your offer. If you are driving the traffic to a free video then use “View now” – see our advice below on promoting App installs.

DME Power Tip: Remember that the secret to any successful social campaign is to get organised, create a value proposition, set an objective and define your metrics for success.

Get Your Image Right ?

The most important part of any card is the image you use, it needs to grab peoples attention as they scroll through their feed, make them stop and take action – so spend time thinking about the image and how it will grab people’s attention, is using an infographic with a great headline going to grab attention more than an image ?

Next, ensure the image you are using is the correct size of 800 pixels wide by 200 high. Quick Tip: If you are setting up a campaign for Website Clicks / Conversions direct through the ad dashboard you will notice that Twitter helpfully make the image size required 800 x 320.

DME Power Tip: Use a .png image in your ad as it will look sharper and cleaner.

Using Twitter Cards For App Installs – How To Get 11% More Installs

A quick piece of advice from us, is that when you are setting up an App Install campaign and using Twitter cards, make sure you use the words “IOS” or “Android” in the Twitter Copy or Headline – as this gets 11% more installs. Also the Call To Action needs to match the desired audience – so for App Installs use Open, Play, Shop, Book, Connect or Order, as the call to action.

DME Power Tip: App Install Cards paired with Tweets that include the words “IOS” or “Android” get 11.5% more clicks.

Testing & Measuring Success

The thing we love about the Twitter Ad dashboard is how easy it is to set up A/B split testing. If you have read “The Power Of A/B Testing” article, you will know that continually optimising and testing your campaigns is the secret to getting better return on investment, higher click through rates and conversion. So when you set up a Twitter Card campaign, always set up a minimum of 3 / 4 different cards to run, then see which one is the most successful.

DME Power Tip:  When A/B testing. Only change one element at a time, so write 3/4 cards using different copy. Test these and then pick the best copy, before then using 3/4 cards with different images, test these and then pick the best performing before moving onto testing different calls to action.

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