Secret Hacks To Making Your Twitter Feed Newsworthy

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So you want to position yourself as the expert within your particular industry, or at least you want your followers to view you in that way.

You boast a design team in house but after your first couple of meetings whereby you’ve brainstormed half a dozen decent ideas to underpin your content strategy, you get the overwhelming feel of and then what?

Successful social media campaigns don’t always have to reinvent the wheel and being a creative industry by nature, notions of repackaging other people’s content or ideas can sometimes be discarded.

But if this sounds like you, ditch those thoughts!

We’re not at school any more and despite plagiarism still being an online taboo, there is nothing criminal about posting newsworthy content as if it were your own, while crediting the news source with a link or mention.

After all, the web is all about the notion of collaboration and sharing information, right?

A powerful quick-win solution


If you’re not already selecting, acknowledging and giving airtime to at least one to two important news stories in your particular industry, start today!

Say you’re working on behalf of a Twitter account in the horse racing industry for a betting partner but the wintertime British weather has caused numerous postponements.

What better way to appear both authoritative and informative by letting your followers know about specific cancellations via a news-based tweet?

The quickest, most efficient access to news on your browser


In order to compile your couple of news-based posts each day, you don’t have to trawl around the web like a headless chicken!

Given the retirement of Google Reader, make use of popular news aggregators such as NewsNow or Feedly that do all the hard work for you.

These services provide you an easy-to-digest daily (or weekly or even hourly) list or all the headlines in your industry that you can then mull over, select and promote through your particular channel.

DME Power Tip: Free aggregator services such as NewsNow and Feedly really are a godsend due to the fact that numerous headlines can be quickly mulled over in one single feed.

It really is the quickest, most efficient access to news on your web browser. All that is left to do is to supplement the news story URL with perhaps a native image from the design team or a stock photo with a mention to either the article’s author or the publication itself in the tweet.

The authors will be pleased for the airtime and will more than likely retweet while for the rest of your followers, they reap the benefits of being put in the picture had they not sourced the news from elsewhere.

DME Power Tip: If the author of the news story you’re promoting is on Twitter, drop their handle into your tweet while claiming it was a good read. Authors will be pleased for the airtime!

Another means to furthering the conversation


Time is of the essence in digital marketing and not every company can afford expensive copywriting solutions.

Therefore, by adopting this method of handpicking the most important or intriguing news each day while distributing it on your feed as if it were your own, you’re only opening up the possibility of your followers engaging with it and maybe revealing a consumer want or desire in the comments that you can then take advantage of.

If you’re selecting news stories well, you should see a steady rise in impressions and link clicks because ultimately, the content is fresh and up-to-date.

Intermingle a few of these news-based posts in each day with your own content, whether it be an infographic, piece of video content or an offer-based post and you’ll soon be employing a fantastic content mix that enables you the best chance of luring more followers.

DME Power Tip: Schedule your news story acknowledgements around your other Twitter posts in order to yield the best content mix. Followers want to be arriving on your handle for a multitude of reasons!

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