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The 5 Secrets To The Perfect Social Media Photograph

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Do you want to know how to produce the best images possible for your Social Media – Follow our step by step guide to the perfect social media photograph.
If the answer is yes, follow these 5 simple steps.

1. The Rule of Thirds

Think about framing and composition, what is more interesting in your image? The left side of your image, or right? Where you want your audiences eyes drawn to. However, for me, the only time that this rule won’t apply is when you’re using Instagram, it is always best to centralise your main focus in your image. Nowadays you don’t need expensive equipment to take the ‘Perfect Photograph for Social Media’, as the iPhones now have a setting where you can add a ‘rule of thirds’ grid to your camera screen, to help you frame your chosen subject.

2. The Lighting

In my experience, the suns not always out when you need it to be so you need to learn alternative ways to light your image. The different ways that I do this are to look at the IOS Settings and White Balance, but alternatively I don’t always have my camera on me, so when using an iPhone, you can simply just tap the screen and drag up the brightness where the sun icon is shown on your screen. And if all else fails.. then just experiment!

3. Style

One thing that always comes to mind when taking my photographs is what social media platform I will be using to show my photographs, as each platform (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or a Blog) requires different senses of style to match the brand that you are representing. A few things that I always try to consider are the different shapes and sizes of my ‘frame’, something that helps me with this is Canva, giving you templates of all the different social medias.

4. Camera Angles

There are loads of different lenses for different cameras out there, which makes you consider orientation, shooting from below or above your object, moving the subject and shooting people at side profiles, which adds a bit more creativity to your photograph. I always think of my photos as 3D objects and try to cover all angles and experiment with this too.

5. Resolution

Social Media has made a lot of improvements over the last couple of years. The high resolution on sites such as Instagram have really improved the quality of pictures so that you don’t get any blur. Also as technology has improved over the years, so does the resolution within the technology. For instance, the new iPhone 7+ now has the ‘famous’ portrait mode, this is a new add-on within the camera on the iPhone that now blurs the background out for you, therefore making your subject instantly become focus of your photograph.
After you have followed all these simples steps, and have your perfect photograph, remember, you can use hashtags to get your photographs out there for all to see.

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