The Ultimate Secret To Making Your Twitter Feed ‘Less Noisy’


In the ever-changing weird and wonderful world of social media, have you ever wondered how much time your eyeballs gloss over Twitter content that in no shape or form adds value to your day?

Whether making use of the platform in either a business setting, at home in your personal time or both, nowadays we’re all victims of having frantically followed numerous accounts last year, last month or last week that are now absolutely worthless to either your company goal or much-cherished free-time.

But you STILL don’t reach for that unfollow button!

Twitter is like a cluttered house


While we all know that time is of the essence nowadays with only completely bored souls earmarking a Thursday afternoon to unfollow a series of Twitter handles at one time, how else are you going to specialise your Twitter feed?

In many ways, Twitter is much like your house. It gets cluttered from time to time and is always in need of a spring clean for you to breathe and function efficiently without tripping up over somebody else’s mess.

We never usually think of Twitter in this way but by completing a little spring cleaning within your account now and again by unfollowing no longer relevant accounts and reading about our ultimate secret below, you’ll eliminate the noise while being left with only the highly engaging specific content you love.

In just a few weeks, you’ll soon find that you don’t have to repeatedly tut at that annoying auntie who can’t help posting every living minute of her dog’s weekly life!

So what’s the ultimate secret?


Ladies and gentlemen; boys and girls, the ultimate secret to making your Twitter feed less noisy is by in essence, creating numerous feeds by using Twitter’s ‘Lists’ functionality.

While retweeting is and will continue to be the ultimate gratifier in terms of endorsement on the platform, by being added to a Twitter list yourself, this is a new secondary level gratifier.

This is because by being added to a list which brings kudos in itself, your content is directly being valued by a follower who has the intention of returning to your handle as a reputable information source.

Spying on the competition? Go private

Twitter enables users the option to create both public and private lists. Say you work in a digital media agency where you are currently working on a project with an accountancy firm and you wish to spy on what the competition are doing in a social sense, creating a private list would be the way to go.

By creating a bespoke Twitter list specifically for accountancy products & software for example, when you log into Twitter next while quickly dragging your cursor to your ‘products & software’ list as an additional step, what you’ll be presented with is only the content relevant to well, accountancy products & software.

Get the idea?

Much like on Twitter in your own spare time, by creating a Twitter list exclusively for your mates etc, you won’t have that annoying auntie popping up here either! What’s more, you haven’t deleted her to avoid inter-family sobbing and have simply reserved her for another Twitter list (E.g. family) which you’ll visit less frequently. By prioritising content and placing it hierarchically in this way, noise will be efficiently eliminated!

When is public the way to go?

The last thing we’re yet to mention is when you should go public. In many ways, by making one of your lists public, you are collaborating in a way akin to Wikipedia for the general betterment of informing other social users around you.

If creating a public list of all the semi-professional football teams within the county of Lincolnshire is something you’re willing to get your teeth into in your own spare time (that’s perhaps just us!), by making this list public, football teams who’ll be notified of their inclusion can then appreciate and understand the context for which they’ve been selected, in turn driving meaningful engagements.

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