Things Your Boss Doesn’t Tell You About Split Testing Twitter Content

So you’ve recently taken full ownership of a company or brand’s Twitter handle and you want to bulk out your feed not only to attract new followers right away but to see how your creative ideas appear in practice. Nothing wrong with that.

But before we delve even deeper into this blog article, if your business has such stringent micro-management issues, it’s probably not worth reading on given the most successful Twitter campaigns are all about creativity, freedom and expression.

If you’re staring at your composed message for five minutes while pondering whether to press the big blue ‘tweet’ button, ask yourselves why?

Of course, if you’ve typed a load of gibberish, you’re perfectly within your rights to ponder a little while reaching for the ‘X’ in the top right hand corner swiftly after but what we mean is that Twitter is all about trial and error.

Your followers might love and really connect with your #WednesdayWisdom Power Tip for example or then again, they may loathe it. Nobody owes you their gratitude.

But how else will you know without at least trying a few ideas for real?

Draw real-time conclusions

Bar Chart

Back in July 2014, Twitter introduced its ‘Tweet Activity’ analytics tool to the public who can in turn judge every single tweet’s performance in real-time via this rather useful engagement insight.

We’ll admit, it’s a rather obsessional habit of ours here at Digital Media Edge but honestly, being granted access to these live tweet statistics is fantastic.

This is because we’re then able to draw an immediate conclusion on whether a piece of content really resonated with the audience we’re intending to impress.

DME Power Tip: Make use of Twitter’s freely available ‘Tweet Activity’ functionality to judge just how many impressions and engagements each of your posts are generating.

In hierarchical terms, an impression (the amount of times a tweet has been viewed by anyone) is a start but the real kudos is in ‘Total engagements’ – the favourites (sorry, likes!), retweets, profile and hashtag clicks that ultimately underpins your content strategy.

The power of split testing

A v B

So knowing full well that you can track the engagement of every single tweet in your campaign, if several of your posts receive impressions but impressions alone with no engagement, do something about it!

This doesn’t necessarily mean your piece of content is rubbish; you’ll just need to think about how you presented it.

The key to it all is split testing your content!

Twitter loves a goodwill post doesn’t it? So say you’re wishing happy birthday to a social media mogul such as Gary Vaynerchuk for example.

Producing a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner on Photoshop is great but how about sourcing one of his inspirational speeches to embed into your Twitter feed as a YouTube video while still wishing him many happy returns on his birthday like you intended?

DME Power Tip: Think about the ways you present certain pieces of content. Is one post better presented in video format as opposed to a Photoshop banner, as opposed to a Twitter card instead? Split test and choose wisely thereafter.

If at first you don’t succeed…

Thought Bubble

It is only by employing an ‘if at first you don’t succeed’ kind of attitude that you can eventually construct a feed where most of your tweets are engaged with to an extent you find desirable.

You’re the master of your own destiny in social media so try different ideas. Use your Photoshop birthday banner one day and next week use a video instead. Take screenshots of the ‘Tweet Activity’ for either and simply see which tweet won outright.

It’s only by taking the extra effort in compiling this behind-the-scenes expertise that you’ll find the answers as to what your followers love and what they loathe.

DME Power Tip: Go beyond the call of duty by running your own bespoke reports on similar pieces of content (E.g. Birthdays) presented in two or three different forms (banner, video etc) while checking to see which kind of tweet was engaged with the most.

Split testing is the answer folks so get those creative juices flowing and wow your followers with fantastic content they’ll be dying to share with their friends and family.

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