Top 5 Secrets To Editing A Video

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You’ve got your video recorded but what do you do next? So here is a guide giving you the top 5 secrets to editing a video. How you want it to feel and what story you want to tell is down to you. Video editing is the final stage to make sure your video really hits the mark. Here is a sure-fire guide explaining how to make sure your video is cut together picture.

Timing is everything

Without effective pacing your video will never take off. A bad introduction that is poorly paced will switch your audience to snooze in five seconds flat. Your pacing needs to be rhythmic, just like music. Every shot is a note in a harmony and it should bring out feeling in your audience and captivate them right from the start. A fast cut video will get your audience pumped up and ready to go; ideal for a video that really needs to grip people in those first few seconds. However if the topic is more sensitive, stretch the moment to build that emotional connection with your audience.

Music is your friend

It’s a really great idea to cut to music that suits the feel of your video. Even if you don’t intend to use music at all this will still absolutely help you develop your sense of timing and understanding of rhythm in the edit suite. In time you will find it comes naturally, just like how Jimi Hendrix makes the guitar look easy!

Keep things simple

It’s tempting to try and fit every last piece of footage into your video because hey, it looks great right? But that’s not how to look at things – your story should be easy for people to digest and overcomplicating your video with crowded shots, effects and audio is often the worst thing you can do. So play it safe and keep it simple. Be conscious of the duration of the video, just because it’s a topic you’re fascinated by doesn’t mean that your audience can sit through it for ten minutes. Short and simple is the way to go, you can always keep a longer form video for those who want to see more of your content.

Sound, sound, sound

So your video looks perfect, and the timing is great. It flows like a symphony and you feel like mozart – but then the audio sounds terrible on a smartphone. Ensuring your audio is clear is important, not only on a desktop with a great sound system but also on handheld. Most people won’t be watching your video in 4k on a 7.1 surround sound system.


Editing a video is tough work but don’t give up, it’s a learning process that will never end as technologies evolve and culture changes. As the old saying goes, “patience is a virtue” – and you’ll need a lot of it when editing your video. However, with patience comes the time to reflect, and with reflection comes perfection.

So there you have it, the top 5 secrets to editing a video. Just remember that editing a video is a steep learning curve and even an expert is always learning new things. The tool is only as useful as the person using it so make sure you take your time with your video to make it really shine, keep practicing and bear in mind all those important pieces of advice that we’ve given you. Once you’ve put your learning into action, you’ll definitely see some massive positive changes in your work and your audience is guaranteed to be more receptive and engaged by your video content.

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