VIDEO: Tactics To Stop People Leaving Spammy Comments On Your Facebook Page

The threat of spam

No we’re not talking about the canned meat but rather the irritating automated messages that can fill up not only your personal profile but more importantly your business or community pages on Facebook.

Nowadays, there’s an increasing range of software that spammers are making use of in order to search for certain keywords while in turn targeting pages that concentrate in specific fields.

Spamming is occurring in all niches and here at Digital Media Edge, we’ve unfortunately encountered a lot of it in our promotion of sports betting clients.

So how do we deal with the threat of spam?

Regain power on your personal profile

What people may not know – hence our helpful video – is that regaining power and control over your timeline is a relatively simple task.

On your personal profile, all you have to do is access the right hand side of the menu bar at the top of the page while clicking on the downwards arrow. Then click settings.

Here, you’ll see ‘privacy’ settings and ‘timeline and tagging’. Within the latter section, amend anybody being able to post to your timeline to just yourself. This will bring about a greater authority in your personal Facebook management.

Keyword control on your community page

Perhaps a greater threat is that the same kind of spam also harms Facebook business and community pages as well.

So how do we eradicate these comments on these pages? The answer is keyword control.

Given there’s no way of turning off people’s comments altogether (this is the point of Facebook after all!), the next best way to combat the spammers is by bringing in limiting tactics via keywords.

Within ‘settings’ and then ‘general settings’ is ‘page moderation’ and this is where you’ll list your keywords.

In a nutshell, you’ll want to list all of the words that spammers are likely to use while blocking these terms in turn.

Make yourself a simple keyword list of around 20 to 30 terms in a text document before adding them into the keywords box on Facebook before saving changes.

What if it’s genuine?

There are of course cases whereby people may use a keyword on your blocked list as part of a genuine enquiry or statement post.

Don’t worry because you can moderate very easily on the post itself by going to the comments section where you’ll see three dots.

In cases whereby a comment is genuine, simply click upon the dots to unhide a comment that should’ve already automatically been blocked as part of your keyword measures mentioned previously in this article.

So there you go; regain power on your Facebook page or profile and kick spam into touch today!


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