Why Safer Internet Day 2018 is so important for your school

Tuesday 6th February marks global Safer Internet Day 2018. This offers an opportunity to reach out, encourage conversations and make some noise about the ways in which children and young people are using technology today.

Create, Connect and Share Respect

The campaign’s slogan is simple; Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you’. It focuses on every one of us taking responsibility to promote healthy, positive and fulfilling relationships online, in a safe environment. By revaluating what youngsters say online, encouraging empathy, and being aware of the dangers of online communities, we can all work together to create a better and safer internet.

Over a thousand UK schools, local authorities, police stations, charities, government, regulators, football clubs and companies are putting on activities over the course of the day to help spread awareness. This is complete with celebrity endorsements to add weight. With a heavy social media presence, the day offers a chance to highlight all the positive ways in which we can use digital technology. But also explore how we can make changes to better safeguard youngsters and their communications.

The day aims to include all sections of society online, with information for and about under 11s, 11 to 18s, and tips to help parents and carers understand the strains today’s internet culture can have on the later generations. This can include encouraging us to start conversations with our children, warning them of the dangers while pushing the many merits that can arise from digital platforms. Knowing when to set rules and boundaries where needed is also important, as is knowing where to go for help should problems happen.

Protecting Your Personal Information Online

Big issues that the campaign hopes to shine a spotlight on include encouraging users to protect their personal information online, being aware of sharing private details and interacting with strangers, and bearing in mind that what’s posted is a personal representation that will be available for others to see, potentially for years to come. Remembering the person at the other end of the screen and being aware of the impact careless words can have is also a strong message. As is maintaining a sense of control that empowers young people to take a step back when they feel overwhelmed; encouraging them to speak to an adult when they have concerns.

The official UK Safer Internet Centre website offers access to educational packs and TV films for children and teens. Useful tools highlight everything from healthy relationships and the way we respond to others online, to reflections on the positive and negative elements of such platforms. Everyone can play their part on social media too using the official hashtags #SID2018 and #ItStartsWithUs and tagging @UK_SIC. Let’s help achieve the goal of reaching millions of users and get the conversation trending.

Today, the internet is a fundamental part of our children and teenagers’ daily lives. We can make is a safer place by getting involved. #ItStartsWithUs.

Join the conversation by heading to the website – The UK Safer Internet Centre

Or get involved on social media –

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/saferinternetuk

Twitter @UK_SIC

Instagram @UK_SIC

Make sure you comment below and let us know how your school is embracing Safer Internet Day 2018. For 10 Social Media Engagement Tips read this article – 10 Social Media Engagement Tips






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