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The key to managing change is planning. If you don't have a plan, you have no protection. What is your plan ?

DME is a digital "inbound" agency focused on helping you to engineer growth and stay ahead of your competition in a fast-changing world. Our dynamic team of experts identify what works to cut through the noise, helping you to connect and engage with your audience. We develop a plan, execute and optimise a cutting-edge strategy that will drive more visitors, leads and revenue than ever before. Guaranteed.

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Resources - Free PDF Downloads For Schools

Start Here - What Is The Plan For Your School ?

Do you have a strategy in place ? In this first PDF we share the secrets to creating a measurable digital strategy for your school, based around what is working for the very best schools in the UK. We will share best practice and what works for you to implement in your school.

Developing The Perfect School "Community Hub" Website

In this PDF we share the ultimate guide to developing  a school website that you are proud of. A website that is optimised for use on mobile devices and becomes an engagement hub for your school community, full of interesting content that will keep them coming back.

Creating Remarkable Content To Tell Your School's Unique Story

Now is time to start your content strategy, to tell the world the story of the unique things that happen every day in your school. In this PDF we look at how to create and document amazing content every day though out your school, that will connect and engage your audience.

Safely Leveraging The Power Of Social Media For Your School

Now the most important part of the entire strategy is how your school safely embraces the power of social media to raise awareness, and extend the reach of your content. Your parents, staff, pupils and local community are all on social media, using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

What Schools Say About DME


We’ve been working with Digital Media Edge for 2 years. When it first started I actually wasn’t in school, I was on maternity leave and I could see the difference from an outsider looking in straight away. The website was vibrant, it included relevant up to date information, there was constant dialogue between parents and staff and pupils, and Digital Media Edge supported us in developing our use of social media


Jenna Richards



.... I would just like to recommend that anybody who is considering changing their approach to social media or how they use their website to communicate with their school communities gives DME a chance to showcase their strategy and ideas as to how you might do that....


Carol Hines



I attended DPO training today with Digital Media Edge and I found it a really friendly environment, it was useful because everybody was encouraged to chat and it opened up more avenues of people's experiences and made you think of areas you may not have considered. Taking away from today is going to be that the Information Commissions Officer is there to help us. Thank you.  


Carrie Hird


Digital Media Edge Ltd

The Changing Face Of Education In A Connected World

We are living through a "digital revolution" where the speed of change in technology has fundamentally changed how we all communicate through digital and social media across web, social media and on mobile devices. The speed of this change has caused a disconnect between how schools communicate and how their school community connect and engage on a daily basis. Is it time your school embraced this change ?

 Your School Embracing Digital - The Benefits

The very best schools have leveraged this revolution to effectively connect, engage and get involved in the conversations of their community. By embracing the power of digital media and using it to tell your school's story on a daily basis through your website, social media and fantastic content there are four main areas of benefit you will drive for your school.


A school with a growing audience, greater reach and awareness across the devices and platforms that their audience uses on a daily basis will drive very real commercial benefits in the form of more enquiries,  increased roll through more new pupils registering and more support from the local community.


A school with an effective digital media strategy will always be fully compliant with the latest DfE and Ofsted guidelines but also for e-safety, safeguarding, cyber-security and data protection. Every area of compliance will be measured to ensure that, in the ever changing world we live in, your school will be compliant.


Every school who develops a digital strategy will see the communication with their parents, pupils, staff and local community grow across multiple platforms. The website will become a school community hub, social media will drive engagement and connection with remarkable content telling your school story on a daily basis.


All this digital activity will leverage the position the school holds in the local community and build a school community of your own. A community who will support the school physically and financially by attending events and getting involved in the growth and development of the school.

 Meet & Learn With DME Events

We run regular workshops, seminars and training events to help schools and share what we have learned over the years working with schools and in digital media. We are proud to offer free and paid events, some of which are CPD accredited.