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The World Has Changed - Has Your Business ?

We are living through remarkable times - a unique point in history where the growth of digital and social media has fundamentally changed how we all connect and engage. The change provides business a greater potential for growth than ever before. Watch this video to discover how you can embrace digital transformation to drive revenue and growth for your business.

What do we focus on here at Digital Media Edge ?

In the modern world, your business growth revolves around aligning how you market and sell with how the modern buyer buys. Our “strategy first” approach is focused on the three key elements of business growth:

Driving More Traffic

Traffic is the life blood of your business. Unless you have people visiting your website then you don’t really have a business. Traffic generation is something we’ve mastered here at DME.

Generating More Leads

Once you start getting traffic you need to be collecting those leads and following up with them. Make the most of the traffic visiting your website by developing conversion paths and optimising the percentage of visitors who take action.

Producing More Sales

The missing piece of the puzzle is lead nurturing. Once someone has been exposed to your product or service, how do you convert them into a paying customer and revenue for your business? This is something we’re pretty good at 😉

Inbound Insights & Resources

  • Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

    The buyer’s journey has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. That doesn’t mean that people have diverged from their usual route to the shop. But the one that they experience when they are deciding where and what they are going to buy when making purchasing decisions. The proliferation of the internet means that buyers now have access to more information than ever before. As a result of this, 93% of a customer’s buying decisions are started online. So, I hear you ask, how can my company take advantage of this shift in buyer’s behaviour? […]

  • Copywriting Do’s and Don’ts – 10 Tips for Success [Infographic + Download]

    Having the ability to write copy with the power to engage, inform and influence your audience is one of the most important tools in any marketers arsenal, especially for those embracing the inbound methodology. If you’ve not heard of inbound yet or would like to learn out more about it then check out our ultimate guide to inbound marketing. […]

  • 10 Tips for Creating the Perfect Blog Post [Infographic + Download]

    Let’s face it, blogging can be hard! Even after spending hours researching, writing and stylising your post there’s no guarantee your post will be a success story. Thankfully this handy infographic is here to help ease your blogging woes. […]

What Clients Say?

  • I have been shown by Digital Media Edge the power of digital marketing. Stage 1 of the process was to develop a digital media strategy that was well defined, in terms of what we were going to do and what results we should expect at the end of it. We then implemented the strategy by creating a blog, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook presence.

    Jim Bowen
    MD of Battles
  • Over the past 11 months Digital Media Edge helped The Booby and I develop a following of over 11,000 people on Twitter, set up my Facebook profile and YouTube channel with the #AskBigMac Show a weekly question and answer show

    John McCririck
    Horse Racing & Celebrity Big Brother Star
  • We could see the potential of interacting with our millions of parent users using social media, but it wasn’t an area of expertise for us. We engaged Richard and DME to get us started and to provide training so that we could manage the exercise ourselves and we found them to be most professional, effective and enjoyable to work with.

    Paul Hughes
    CEO - Parentmail
  • Over 6 months Digital Media Edge helped us grow our Twitter audience by 138% and Facebook by 187% but more importantly the content mix they have developed has increased our engagement which is already up to 2.25 million people per month.

    Ben Turnbull
    Totepool - Marketing Manager
  • I’d just like to recommend that anybody who’s considering changing their approach to using social media or website communications with their school communities gives Richard the opportunity to showcase his strategy and his ideas for how you might do that successfully in the future.

    Carol Hines The Bluecoat Primary School
    Carol Hines
    Headteacher - The Bluecoat Primary School
  • We have worked with DME for the past 6 months and they have helped us plan out a measurable digital and social strategy, execute that strategy and constantly analyse what is working to optimise our results.

    Steve Bussey Salestrong
    Steve Bussey
    Founder - Salestrong
  • Digital Media Edge have been extremely supportive and they have made sure that we have regular meetings with staff to make sure that our compliance is correct, and they are always at the end of an email whether we need them or not.

    Jenna Richards - Headteacher Ermine Primary Academy
    Jenna Richards
    Headteacher - Ermine Primary Academy
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Case Studies

DME are proud to have helped a wide range of businesses and schools to leverage the power of digital and social media over the past few years. Take the time to read through some of our successful case studies from a variety of our clients.

Some Of The Companies DME Have Supported