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Social Media Management

Social media, when used effectively, is a powerful tool that can aid in building brand awareness, enhanced customer experiences, customer loyalty, higher search engine rankings, improved customer insights and so much more. The opportunities for businesses utilising social media are infinite. Managing the right social media platforms effectively can ultimately generate more leads, traffic and conversions, as well as create loyal and engaged fans of your brand. Bearing this in mind, it’s more essential than ever to be consistently active and engaging on social media, in order to reap these benefits.

An effective social media strategy should be tailored to the individual needs of your business and customers, utilising the social channels best suited to your customers and could include the following –

  • Regular sharing of interesting and engaging content
  • Monitoring social channels for mentions of your brand from leads, customers and advocates
  • Engaging on social with individuals and companies about your brand, products and industry
  • Regular auditing of social channels, voice and content
  • A rolling content calendar in line with your overall digital strategy
  • Planned social marketing campaigns to promote new products, offers or services
  • Paid social media campaigns to find new leads and engage old ones

Here at Digital Media Edge, we support all of our clients in developing and executing a strong social media strategy.  Dependent on requirements and budget our expert social media marketers are able to offer everything from a full social media management service where we take complete control of your social channels, to a training service allowing your in-house team to make the most of social media for your business.

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