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The Secret To Understanding Your Competitors
Every school and business will have local competition, it goes without saying. Even if you are focused on a particular[...]
New Education Secretary Damian Hinds Calls For Change In The Classroom
Damian Hinds vows to ease work pressures on teachers Be it in the media, among friends and family in the[...]
How Your School’s Social Media Can Inspire Your Audience
Your school's social media can create results you wouldn't believe. Done well, it can inspire and delight your audience, offering[...]
The Very Best Schools Tell Their Story Brilliantly… Let Digital Media Edge Show You How
Where we send our children to school is one of the most important and emotional decisions most parents ever make! We[...]
Reasons Why Parents Choose A School
There are many reasons why parents choose a school over others in their catchment area. In short, you are entrusted with[...]
Is Social Media Damaging Our Children’s Mental Health?
Over recent years there has been more and more emphasis on the impact social media is having on children's mental[...]
How Changes to Facebook Algorithms Could Affect Your School
Facebook has implemented three significant changes over recent weeks, with the platform kicking off 2018 with fundamental differences to the[...]
Why Safer Internet Day 2018 is so important for your school
Tuesday 6th February marks global Safer Internet Day 2018. This offers an opportunity to reach out, encourage conversations and make[...]
GDPR vs The Data Protection Act
Data Protection Act vs GDPR The Data Protection Act was signed into law in 1998 and was ahead of its[...]
10 Tips For Writing Engaging Social Media
Taking on the world of social media can feel like a daunting task. One of the biggest questions businesses ask[...]
Using Instagram Stories for Businesses
Using Instagram Stories for Businesses. Instagram stories are a very recent trend. They allow you to share images, real-time videos[...]
How To Increase Your Organic Reach On Social Media
How To Increase Your Organic Reach On Social Media The organic reach on your social media is very important when[...]
How Using Instagram Hashtags Can Make a Difference in 2017
[ABTM id=1652] Are Instagram Hashtags the new thing for 2017? Here I explain how using them can boost your engagement,[...]
The 5 Secrets To The Perfect Social Media Photograph
[ABTM id=1579] Do you want to know how to produce the best images possible for your Social Media - Follow[...]
Top 5 Secrets To Editing A Video
[ABTM id=1579] You've got your video recorded but what do you do next? So here is a guide giving you[...]
Battle of the platforms: Snapchat or Instagram?
[ABTM id=1579] Social Media is all around us and we use more social platforms than ever before. You can guarantee[...]
Inbound vs. Outbound: The Great Battle
[ABTM id=1579] It’s the age-old question in the world of marketing; which is better, inbound or outbound? Both forms of[...]
Building Your Digital Ecosystem To Give You The Edge
[ABTM id=1579] We regularly perform detailed Digital Media Audits, a deep dive into each element of a company's digital strategy,[...]
Building Your Digital Media Ecosystem – Your Digital Blueprint
[ABTM id=1579] Business is grossly underestimating the culture shift we are currently living through. The Digital Revolution is still little[...]
Snapchat geofilters | Answering the who, what, when, why & where!
[ABTM id=1579] Hands up! Who's familiar with geofilters on Snapchat? If you are, great; if not, keep reading! Well, everybody[...]
Digital Media Edge meets Lincoln City FC’s new management team
[ABTM id=1579] Digital Media Edge further underlined their increasingly active role in supporting Lincoln's local community by attending an exclusive Fans'[...]
Who SHOULD you be Selling to? Creating your Customer Profile!
[ABTM id=1579] Constantly struggling to determine who YOU should be marketing and selling to? Creating a customer profile allows you[...]
Center Parcs Interview
[ABTM id=1579] On our latest social road trip, Digital Media Edge gained exclusive access to interview Martin Dalby, CEO of[...]
How Emojis Can Help Inspire Your Content Strategy
[ABTM id=1579] If you thought emojis were simply a way for flirty teenagers to communicate with one another in their[...]
How To Completely Change Your Mindset About Blogging
[ABTM id=1579] Ah the company blog! Every business undoubtedly benefits from having one to communicate industry trends, a key appointment, acquisition[...]
How To Start Social Listening For FREE!
[ABTM id=1579] Social listening is one of the most IMPORTANT factors in a successful social media implementation. GOOD social listening[...]
Secret Hacks To Making Your Twitter Feed Newsworthy
[ABTM id=1579] So you want to position yourself as the expert within your particular industry, or at least you want[...]
Quick Guide to Social Image Optimisation
[ABTM id=1579] Social Image Optimisation When scrolling through twitter, one of the most common issues I come across is blurry,[...]
VIDEO: Tactics To Stop People Leaving Spammy Comments On Your Facebook Page
The threat of spam No we're not talking about the canned meat but rather the irritating automated messages that can[...]
Top #5 Ways To Increase Your YouTube Engagement
At Digital Media Edge we find YouTube to be a powerful tool to have in your social media strategy. YouTube[...]
How Safe Is Your Network From A Cyber Attack?
One area of Digital Media which many companies overlook in their quest to harness the power of the internet, is[...]
The Complete Guide To SEO Basics
In the first instalment of our SEO blog posts, I’ll be going over the basics of SEO and why you[...]
Things Your Boss Doesn’t Tell You About Split Testing Twitter Content
So you’ve recently taken full ownership of a company or brand’s Twitter handle and you want to bulk out your[...]
Long Form v Short Form Content
Long form v short form content. There’s always a debate as to which type of content should be written on[...]
How To Select Hashtags That Drive Increased Engagement On Instagram
Still not on Instagram yet? More fool you! With Facebook shifting to an older demographic as parents of 20-something’s have[...]
Beginners Guide To Setting Up A Social Media Editorial Calendar
If you work in a digital media agency and have just secured a contract to construct a company or brands’[...]
#7 Trends You Need To Know About When Posting On Twitter
Twitter is one of the busiest and most noisy social platforms out there nowadays. Getting heard is often an issue,[...]
Top 10 WordPress Plugins You Need To Be Using
We here at Digital Media Edge love WordPress. Sites look great, it's customisable, cost-effective and it’s very easy to use.[...]
#5 Ways Periscope Can Help Build Your Business & Generate Sales
People don’t tend to appreciate this but Periscope has the potential to be a HUGE tool in your social marketing arsenal.[...]
Getting Smart With Scheduling Social Media Content: The Pros & Cons
For those that work in the arena of digital content and online publishing, you’ll all treat scheduling functionality like a[...]
Quick Guide To Using Twitter Cards To Increase Engagement By 43%
Over the past year, we have seen Twitter really step up their game, as far as creatives are concerned on[...]
The Ultimate Secret To Making Your Twitter Feed ‘Less Noisy’
In the ever-changing weird and wonderful world of social media, have you ever wondered how much time your eyeballs gloss[...]