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How To Grow Your Business By 20 - 30% In The Next 12 Months

We are living through remarkable times, a unique point in history where the growth of digital and social media has fundamentally changed how we all connect, engage and make buying decisions. The change provides business a greater potential for growth than ever before.

Elements of modern business growth:

  • Business Growth Strategy – Let your strategy drive your tactics for growth. Plan out how to position your business, identifying the tactics and metrics for growth.
  • Website Traffic & Lead Generation –  Inbound  Marketing is the human, holistic and helpful apporach to attracting targetted traffic & conversion for lead generation.
  • Customer Acquisition– Inbound Sales is the buyer centric approach to lead nurturing and customer acquisition of clients and revenue for your business.
  • Growth Systems, Metrics & Processes – Developing systems at the heart of your business growth to measure every element and report data on what is working and what is not to drive decisions and results.

Watch this video to discover how you can embrace the modern connected world to drive revenue and growth for your business.

Step 1 – Plan Out Your Business Growth Strategy

There is no escaping how vital detailed strategic planning and thinking is in driving your business growth.

In fact, the major differentiator between those businesses who are scaling and growing successfully and those that are struggling is in their apporach to their Growth Strategy.

You simply must let your strategy drive your tactics and not the other way around.

In this video I look at the elements of a growth strategy and how to plan out your strategy for success…..

IMPORTANT – Know Your Numbers

At the core of your business growth strategy are your KPI’s and metrics for growth. As the majority will be across web, digital and social platforms, you can identify the key areas of growth that will demonstrate that your overall strategy is working.

Be Specific, Not General !

These are the 7 growth metrics you should know:

  1. Your Financial Growth Goal ?
  2. Your Average Order Value ?
  3. How many NET NEW customers / orders you need ?
  4. How long is your sales cycle ?
  5. What is your sales conversion rate – Lead to Customer ?
  6. What is your lead conversion rate – Website Visitor To Lead ?
  7. How many visitors does your website currently get monthly ?

Watch this video and see why knowing these numbers is at the core of growth success…

Step 2 – Inbound Traffic & Lead Generation

Inbound Marketing is all about attracting your target buyer personas to your business by being human, holistic and helpful. We do this through creating valuable content that helps answer the buyers questions, fears and concerns – so they can make the right decision for them – not for you as a business.

Your inbound marketing strategy is focused on providing helpful, valuable content on your blog and social media to attract these buyer’s to your website and then ensuring that your website is optimised for conversions, with more valuable offers to convert these visitors into leads in your database or CRM.

Watch this video to find our more about driving traffic and lead generation with Inbound Marketing…

Step 3 – Inbound Lead Nurture & Sales

You are now attracting your target buyers to your website, they are consuming your content and have become leads in your database or CRM.

Now for the handover to sales to nurture the relationship with your leads, share more valuable content and help the buyer to buy and become a customer.

Your inbound sales strategy must continue to be human, holistic and helpful to your buyers. The traditional approach to sales is no longer working and your sales process must help the buyer make the right decision for them and not for you.

Watch this video to find our more about marketing automation, lead nurturing and inbound sales…

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Step 4 – Growth Systems, Metrics & Processes

Finally pull all of this together with a system at the heart of your business. Look at your “Tech stack” – There are many pieces of software and technology to leverage to help you put together your business growth platform, some of the elements you will need are:

  • CRM –  for contacts, leads, customers and companies.
  • Marketing Automation – to automate social media, lead generation and lead nurturing.
  • Sales Automation – To enable your sales team to actively nurture and engage with leads, to convert them into customers.
  • Customer Marketing – To delight your existing customers and create opportunities for upsell, cross-sell, referrals, reviews, testimonials, case studies and valuable feedbakc through surveys.
  • Analytics – To measure metrics and data at every element of your growth strategy.

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