Giving you the edge in a competitive world

We are living through a consumer revolution driven by digital and social media, which has fundamentally changed the way we buy things and how we communicate that experience.

Many audiences have simply switched off to traditional marketing techniques as they try to escape from the noise! Traditional outbound marketing such as emailing and calling just don't work as well leaving many businesses with a significant headache and far fewer sales leads.

The Inbound Marketing revolution has transformed this but many business simply haven't recognised it, or don't know how to adapt. At DME, We'll show you how, step by step in a manner that works best for your business.

Unlock The Power Of Digital For Your Business

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it...Your story is everything

Your Business is living through a "digital revolution" in which the internet, social media and mobile have changed the way people communicate, connect and engage. Digital and social are now significant drivers of consumer behaviour, how we research and find companies, who we buy from and why we buy. The speed of this change has left many companies behind and allowed others to steal market share and leverage the power of digital.

The simple fact is that how effectively you tell your story, build your audience and engage with them over the next 10 years will have a direct impact on the leads and revenue you generate.

Pull People Into Your Funnel With Remarkable Content

Adding "Value" At Every Stage Of Your Relationship

The heart of every successful digital strategy is remarkable content, that shows empathy and understanding of your potential customer, the challenges they face and why your business and services can help them.

Make every "touch point" of your business remarkable, so people want to tell others about it, build trust with "social proof" and authority with great content. These are some of the secrets to creating an effective digital strategy that will pull more and more people into your digital ecosystem and allow you to build relationships.

The 6 Stages of An Effective Digital Strategy

Stage 1 - Website Development

The first stage of your digital strategy must be to convert your website from a brochure that only talks about you to a fully interactive "community hub" that your target market find a useful resource of educational, entertaining and engaging content including a blog, videos and free downloads.

Stage 2 - Your Remarkable Content Strategy

Stage 2 is all about producing an interesting stream of remarkable content that people want to share, consume and talk about. A focus on creating, curating and documenting content plus the development of a content mix of blog posts, images, info graphics, animations and video keep your content fresh and exciting.

Stage 3 - Social Media Strategy Development

In Stage 3 of your digital strategy, your focus should turn to leveraging the power of social media raise awareness, tell your story, increase your reach and ensure you are in front of the eyes and ears of your target audience as frequently as possible. Ensure you understand each platform and how to produce "native content" for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and Instagram before developing a "posting schedule" for each day of the week and each platform. Social success is built around being a great listener and getting involved in the conversations of your market.

Stage 4 - Email Marketing Campaigns

Your are now driving more and more digital traffic from great content and your social media activity. Stage 4 is all about converting this traffic in to leads. Using CRM software, marketing automation or email autoresponder software, you can now start  to capture email details and build relationships with your prospective customer base.

Stage 5 - SEO & Paid Campaigns

Stage 5 is focused on increasing your traffic levels through organic search engine results, keywords and optimisation of your content to appear in the search engine results (SERPS). Paid campaigns support this organic growth and through custom audiences and targeted social paid campaigns you will scale up your traffic and leads.

Stage 6 - Measurement, Analysis & Optimisation

The final stage is all about measuring key metrics to tell you how your digital is performing. Data analysis of these key metrics and KPI's will show you what is working well, what is not working and the areas that need adjusting. Each element of your digital strategy should be measured and the impact on your business assessed.

Working With DME On Your Digital Development

Every business we work with is unique, has different goals and are at different stages of development, so we try to avoid a fixed pricing structure, however we also believe in transparency, so have outlined different levels of inbound programme development below, to give you an idea of the costs of working with DME on a monthly retainer. Please note all retainers are based on an initial 12 month contract.

Inbound Strategy PLanner

Only want us to plan you a strategy and leave you to do the rest . 



  • Detailed Market Research
  • Top 5 Competitor Analysis
  • check
    Key Target Persona Identification
  • Website Audit & Recommendations
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
IGNITE - StarT-up

Simple, fast and effective  inbound marketing for small businesses looking to drive more leads and revenue.  Turnover up to £1m




  • Basic Inbound Strategy Programme 
  • Market Research - Including Competition Analysis,  Identifying Key Target Persona, 30 Keyword Phrases and Top 15 Industry Hashtags
  • Website Audit & Recommendations.
  • Social Media Management - 1 Platform from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin
  • Monthly Analytics & Metrics Report On 5 KPI's

Bespoke inbound strategy planning and execution for large corporate business looking to dominate their market place and establish themselves as the #1 market leader. Turnover £10 - £25m+




  • Bespoke Inbound Strategy Programme
  • Complete Inbound Website Design, Build & Development
  • Social Media Management - 5 Platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Linkedin. 
  • check
    12 Month Content Editorial Calendar For Blog and Social Media Posting
  • Infuencer Outreach and Marketing
  • 20 hrs - Video and Graphic Creation and Editing  Per Month