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Digital Transformation For Your Business By Digital Media Edge Ltd
Many of us spend a lot of time on social media and regularly use it to check reviews on products and services we’re thinking about using. However we tend to ignore the fact that other buyers are doing exactly the same for the products and services provided by the companies we work for? In fact,...
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Ah hashtags, love them or hate them they’ve spread like the plague from their once confined home on Twitter to almost every other social platform. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, if you scroll through your feed on any of these sites you’re almost certain to come across a torrent of hashtags. Personally, I’m what you may call...
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Understanding Your Competition
Every business will have local competition, it goes without saying. Even if you are focused on a particular niche, there will likely be more established and longer running companies competing for your audience. However understanding your competitors can teach you a lot, and actually help leverage you above them in the marketplace. Identify your top...
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[ABTM id=1652] Are Instagram Hashtags the new thing for 2017? Here I explain how using them can boost your engagement, followers and likes on Instagram. Your Audience-  Firstly, getting to know your target audience is a huge step towards engagement on your social media platforms. Knowing your target audience means that you’ll be able to...
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