Content Creation Strategy

A content strategy is at the heart of connecting and engaging your buyers. Content that resonates with your target audience and customers is at the heart of great inbound marketing. Content answers questions, provides value, builds trust and authority to position you as a thought-leader and natural choice for your customers. Remarkable content also adds insight to every stage of the buyer’s journey and turns visitors into leads and customers into advocates for your organisation.

We help our clients create an interesting “content mix” of blog posts, ebooks, infographics, images, webinars and videos to answer questions, tell stories and help with the decision making process that every buyer goes through on their journey.  

  • Create Buyer Personas to understand what content they need and engage with
  • Plan out a 12 Month Editorial Calendar
  • Unlock the power of storytelling
  • Generate content ideas including analysing what is working for your competition and what they are not doing
  • Plan a long-term content strategy
  • Use effective copy writing
  • Re-purpose content into a number of formats
  • Create pillar pages of authority content
  • Produce topic cluster blog posts
  • Develop conversion focused landing pages, offers and ebook downloads for lead generation
  • Effective content promotion
  • Measure and analyse your content

Digital Media Edge prides itself on helping our clients create interesting, relevant material for each buyer persona at different stages of the buyer’s journey. We have made content a science and producing valuable, educational and entertaining content that connects and engages your audience is our focus. 


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