Inbound Social Selling

Your inbound marketing machine is driving increased leads month after month to your business, but how do you ensure you effectively convert these leads into new customer and revenue? The answer in the modern world of sales is social selling.

Social selling is the developing, nurturing, and leveraging of relationships in a digital environment to create sales opportunities. We achieve this by sharing relevant content, interacting directly with potential buyers and customers, personal branding, and social listening. When done successfully, it dramatically boosts your bottom line revenue and drives advocates for your brand.

Digital Media Edge will help you in the following areas:

  • Build your brand as a thought-leader and authority across social media
  • Identify your buyer’s journey and how you can add valuable insight to enhance this journey
  • Develop the three tactical components of Insight, Trigger and Referral based selling in a digital environment
  • Connect, engage and establish relationships through key social platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Content marketing in a sales environment to share valuable insights to educate and nurture your leads to want to buy from you
  • Alignment between your Marketing and Sales departments to create a “feedback loop” of digital insight creation
  • Integrate social selling into your existing selling process
  • Set up metrics to measure your social selling activity including appointments, opportunities, messages sent, content shared and how to grow your social selling index authority

By adding effective social selling to your inbound marketing efforts, you will accelerate your revenue growth, increase customer retention, educate your customers, build relationships and drive more referrals than ever before for your business.

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