How To Increase Your Organic Reach On Social Media

The organic reach on your social media is very important when trying to build up an audience for your business, it relates to the amount of people that are seeing your content (or how many people could potentially see it) without employing any paid campaigns.

Measuring and experimenting with your social reach is a good way to improve and learn about your business and your audience, so today we are offering 10 top tips on how you can increase your organic reach on social media:

Focus on The Right Areas

When trying to increase your social reach, you need to focus on the areas that are most common; your audience may not be on every social media site, so your focus needs to be on the most important platform. You can find out which platforms are mostly used by your audience through surveys or asking your most loyal customers what they use the most. Another way of seeing what platforms your audience are on the most is to look at your share count. This will show you where the most activity is from your audience. Lastly, check out where your competitors post content the most. This will give you an insight as to what you should be doing.

Improve Your Social Media Profiles

To bring in a bigger audience you need an appealing profile on all platforms. Having a username that people will remember is a good start, knowing that it is easy to find you will bring more people in. You need visible links to your website so that it is easy for people to visit if they like what they see. A natural description on all of your social media platforms will also make you look more relatable and approachable.

Your Content Needs To Be Relevant And Engaging

For people to be attracted to a social media platform, the posts need to be engaging. They need to stand out and be positive- nobody will share if it’s negative. Don’t publish content that has an expiration date.

Quality Over Quantity

A few higher quality posts will be seen by more people than loads of poor quality posts. Relevant and higher quality posts are more likely to appear on someone’s social media feeds. Work on the quality of your posts rather than trying to get loads of posts up in a day. Your audience won’t be interested otherwise.

Target Specific Audiences

There are loads of different options that you can use to find the right audience for your business, thinking about these different things will give you a clearer idea as to who you are writing content for and how you’re going to appeal to them. The different categories that you can use on Facebook and also Twitter are; gender, relationship, status, education level, age, location and interests. Twitter also has the use of hashtags, like Instagram, which means you can get the right audience seeing your posts.

Post During The Slower Times

A lot of businesses think that posting their content when everyone is online is the most effective way for it to be seen, however, people won’t see it at all. You will see the best results if you wait until non-peak hours to post.

Post The Right Type Of Content

Certain types of content on your social media platforms can get the best results, tracking your content, and seeing which type of content is performing the best is going to help increase your organic reach. Research has shown that video content has performed the best on Facebook.

Promote Your Profiles

Promote your business in different ways to bring in the best audience. You can do this by promoting on your website, with business cards, and by also adding follow buttons onto your website. Having your social presence out there will give you the best results.

Balance Your Content

Your audience will expect the content you write to be useful to them. 80% should be useful and helpful and 20% should be to promote your brand and other products. This content should include video, images and other engaging content to draw your audience in.

Interact And Engage

Interacting with your followers and audience is an important thing. As well as your content being relatable, you need to be too. Replying to their comments will build you up a good reputation for yourself and your brand. This is more likely to bring more of an audience and increase your organic reach on your social media platforms.

Hopefully these useful 10 top tips will improve your organic reach on your social media, if you have any further questions or would like to work through a digital strategy for your business, get in touch at

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