Measurements and Analytics

Measurement and analytics are a key – if frequently overlooked – part of any successful marketing campaign. Changes in technology and the way customers across all industries are making use of digital in their purchasing decisions, has allowed marketers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns more than ever before.

Here at Digital Media Edge we monitor data from all our inbound clients’ campaigns and use it to draw informed conclusions about the efficiency and effectiveness of the more granular elements such as individual blog posts, CTA and individual keywords. Some of the pivotal areas we gather performance metrics from include – 

  • Blogs and other website content
  • Social media across all major networks
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Campaign landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Paid search and social advertising
  • Lead nurturing and marketing automation

At its most basic level, measuring and analysing key metrics allows us to identify what’s working, what’s not, and ways to improve everything from the overall health of a campaign to the conversion rate of a single on-page element. We pride ourselves on making informed and innovative, data-driven decisions to deliver the best experience for our clients and their customers

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