Calls to Action

Calls to action (CTA) are a key part of every inbound marketing campaign. They help to guide your audience into taking your desired action by showing users a clear next step that will lead them through their buyer’s journey and move them closer to a purchasing decision.

While the most common style of CTA is a simple button on a website they can take many forms including –

  • Drop down banners encouraging users to subscribe to a blog
  • Plain text hyperlinks recommending and linking to a downloadable offer
  • Hyperlinked buttons and plain text in marketing or sales emails
  • Slide in lead flows on a blog post promoting a related content offer
  • Spoken CTAs during the sponsored segment of a popular podcast
  • A call out in a social media post encouraging followers to watch a video
  • A simple button with a short call out such as ‘Buy Now’, ‘Download Free’ or ‘Sign Up
  • Video CTAs promoting a downloadable how-to guide in instructional youtube videos
  • A social sharing button at the bottom of an insightful blog post

At Digital Media Edge we not only create compelling, relevant CTAs for all our inbound marketing clients but utilise the latest software to test, monitor and improve CTAs to maximize their conversion rates. This takes the form of A/B testing everything from copy, colour and position to creating smart CTAs which are able to change depending on who’s viewing them to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, every time.

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