Email Marketing

Email marketing is a crucial part of any digital strategy, and a fantastic tool for connecting and building relationships with your current and growing database on a regular basis. 

Whether the aim is to convert a potential customer into the sales funnel, offer value to an existing contact or encourage a cold prospect to return, an email gives you the power to get in front of the right person at the right time, directly tracking its success. 

We work alongside our clients to identify who they want to target with what message and segment their audience accordingly. From there we can create a bespoke package to: 

  • Work out the most effective days and times to send emails in that particular industry
  • Produce strong subject lines to peak interest and increase open rates
  • Offer valuable content and copy to show authority, inspire the audience and generate click-throughs to relevant product and service pages
  • Run A/B split testing of subject lines, content and CTA to garner the most effective response
  • Monitor the success of each email based on open rates, click-throughs and subsequent actions and conversions
  • Put together a schedule of regular email content based around the company’s aims and seasonal activity

Done well, email marketing can help create a strong brand “voice” to work alongside existing website and social activity, keep the company at the forefront of a prospect’s mind, and help significantly boost interest in selected products and services with clear Calls To Action.

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