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Richard Mawer

Chief Executive Officer


A passion for enabling the digital transformation of business to drive more leads, revenue and growth. Richard has an expertise in working with clients to align an effective digital inbound strategy with their business goals for growth. Richard’s “why” is simple – to help 50 businesses double their revenue over the next 5 years through planning, executing and optimising a measurable digital strategy.

As the CEO of Digital Media Edge he has worked with large national corporate businesses and smaller SME’s in a number of sectors, to realise their growth goals in a connected world. He shares his passion for all things digital in powerful live workshops on Digital Transformation, Inbound Marketing and Social Selling, identifying best practice and helping business make a successful transition from analogue marketing, sales and service to a robust digital strategy that will drive results in a fast-changing world.


Inbound Marketing100%
Social Selling95%
Strategy Planning100%
Paid marketing campaigns90%