Client Success Story: How The Bluecoat School Learnt To Tell Its Story

We’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with Richard Mawer and his colleagues at Digital Media Edge for about three months now. I’d like to thank Richard and his team for their hard work and support in enabling us to create an exciting new school website and for facilitating and enabling us to move into the use of social media platforms to promote and develop the work we do here in our successful school.

Carol Hines, Headteacher

The Bluecoat School is based in Stamford, Lincolnshire with 236 pupils currently on its roll. It was ranked Outstanding in its most recent Ofsted inspection and approached Digital Media Edge in early summer 2018 to discuss a website and social media overhaul to better promote the passion, enthusiasm and strong values it represents.

Our Proposal & Implementation

Digital Media Edge practice a strategy first approach and from our research we discovered The Bluecoat School offer an innovative, creative curriculum which engages children with education and differentiates it from others in the catchment area.

Capturing the remarkable events happening everyday in the school was therefore our priority, allowing parents exclusive access “beyond the school gates” via the platforms they all use on a daily basis.

With this in mind, we were able to:

  • Highlight the school’s unique approach to the curriculum with PDF downloads.
  • Redesign the website to include a modern, vibrant design and search engine optimised pages that comply with the Department for Education requirements while offering extra value.
  • Integrate a welcome video and regularly updated message from the head onto the home page to create an instant friendly impression of the school.
  • Set up a school blog with embedded social sharing to help readers promote it to their personal networks of friends and family.
  • Invest the time and resources to train a dedicated social squad of staff to post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, utilising hashtags and tags and understanding the rules of safeguarding.

The Results

Throughout the four months working with The Bluecoat School, their website and social media platforms have aligned to create a strong sense of identity that perfectly represents the day to day life of a “vibrant school full of happy children.” Their website is now a community hub for current and prospective parents and pupils, delivering quality, up to date information accessible to all.

The high Facebook engagement within the first few months even took the school by surprise, with a constant stream of likes, shares and comments per post. The page currently has 187 followers which equates to an average of 79% of pupils’ parents.

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We Can Do The Same For Your School

At Digital Media Edge we know the reassurance that comes from working through a carefully prepared plan, and we take the time to get to know you and your school before designing a full digital and social strategy for you based on our years of experience within the education sector.

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 “I’d just like to recommend that anybody who’s considering changing their approach to using social media or website communications with their school communities gives Richard the opportunity to showcase his strategy and his ideas for how you might do that successfully in the future.” Carol Hines, Headteacher