The Secrets To Predictable Business Growth In A Connected World

Attracting, engaging, acquiring and delighting your customers
Workshop DateTuesday 5th May
Time2pm - 5pm
LocationEnterprise Building, Ropewalk, Lincoln, LN6 7DQ

Overview – Helping You To Grow Better

If you are like the majority of business owners, your focus every day is on driving growth in your organisation. The impact of the internet, digital and social media has changed how business growth is achieved and what used to work, is either no longer as effective or will soon stop working all together.

However, this change has also opened up incredible opportunities for growth for business and by embracing change, identifying your key buyers and planning a strategy for how you can help them make buying decisions in the modern world, you can achieve massive growth for your business over the next five years.

Book your spot on this dynamic workshop to learn how to unlock the secrets to modern business growth and gain competitive advantage in your market

We have been running these events for the past year and in this interactive, three hour workshop of discussion, insight and activity, we will explore the four key cornerstones of business growth:

  • Driving Targeted Traffic – Attracting targeted traffic to your website from search, social media and paid sources.
  • Effective Lead Generation – Effective conversion of that traffic into leads in your CRM.
  • Predictable Customer Acquisition – Nurturing and helping your leads along their “buyer’s journey” until they naturally close to become a customer.
  • Remarkable Client Engagement – nurturing and delighting your customers to turn them into raving fans who promote your business, leave reviews and buy more from you, as a result of incredible customer service and support.
Social Selling Daniel Priestley

PLUS – System & Automation Tools  – At the heart of predictable business growth lies a modern system of processes and tools that links all four cornerstones together, gives complete transparency to what is working and a competitive advantage for your business over the market.


Who is this workshop for ?

The workshop is aimed at business owners, marketers and sales professionals looking to make a tangible impact on their revenue and growth.

Do I need any existing knowledge to attend?

No. This workshop delivers an overview, however you’re interested in reading up on inbound marketing before the event, our ultimate guide to inbound marketing is well worth a read.

We Are Your Expert Digital Partners

Our goal is to help 50 businesses double their revenue over the next 5 years through digital transformation.

We are experts in inbound marketing and sales strategy development, execution and optimisation.

Strategy Development – our CEO will work alongside you to create a detailed plan and strategy to guarantee that you succeed in driving growth for your business over the coming years.

Content Experts – Our team of content writers, graphic designers and videographers will ensure that you have the perfect content mix to connect and engage with your buyers at every stage in their buying journey.

Social Experts – The team includes specialists in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and Instagram social media platforms.

Paid Marketing Experts – From planning out keywords for PPC campaigns through to using custom audiences and re-marketing pixels, from social media paid campaigns through to returning a positive ROI on your spend, our paid marketing experts will drive targeted traffic to your website and offers.

At every stage of the process our team works alongside your team to drive results.