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Social Selling

Giving Your Business the Edge in a Connected World

Workshop Overview

How does your business drive sales growth in such a fast-changing world ?

This free 2 hour workshop has been designed to share best practice and what is working in social selling (not theory), so you can start to drive sales growth.

Workshop Date30th January 2019
LocationEnterprise Building, Ropewalk, Lincoln, LN6 7DQ

The World Has Changed - Has Your Business?

In the modern digital environment, it is proving increasingly difficult to reach buyers early enough in their decision-making processes. Buyers and decision makers are more informed, have more market choices and simply getting noticed in such a noisy world, is harder than ever.

In this dynamic workshop we will introduce you to the concept of social selling, why it is the most effective sales approach for you to leverage and a powerful three stage system that will guarantee success for your sales growth. If you own a business, run a sales team or work in sales, then this workshop is perfect for you.

We Are Your Expert Digital Partners

Our goal is to help 50 businesses double their revenue over the next 5 years through digital transformation.

We are experts in inbound marketing and sales strategy development, execution and optimisation.

Strategy Development – our CEO will work alongside you to create a detailed plan and strategy to guarantee that you succeed in driving growth for your business over the coming years.

Content Experts – Our team of content writers, graphic designers and videographers will ensure that you have the perfect content mix to connect and engage with your buyers at every stage in their buying journey.

Social Experts – The team includes specialists in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and Instagram social media platforms.

Paid Marketing Experts – From planning out keywords for PPC campaigns through to using custom audiences and re-marketing pixels, from social media paid campaigns through to returning a positive ROI on your spend, our paid marketing experts will drive targeted traffic to your website and offers.

At every stage of the process. Our team works alongside your team to drive results. 


Impressive Results

Social Selling is a simple process with many moving parts that will allow you to develop relationships with decision makers and buyers through social networks.


Developing a daily social selling routine


How to use the FEED approach to fill your sales pipeline with the right prospects


Aligning and integrating sales and marketing activity to ensure success