Reasons Why Parents Choose A School

There are many reasons why parents choose a school over others in their catchment area. In short, you are entrusted with their most precious belonging every day. You keep their children safe, teach them skills to set them off on a good life and – more than that – instil the confidence that allows them to explore their personalities, quirks and gifts. Your job done well, makes a child.

Parents know this which is why picking a school to send their son or daughter to is never done lightly. Hours of deliberation and research goes into finding the right choice, the one that will best help their children flourish and grown; questions are asked, recommendations sought, some will even uproot in order to be eligible for their number one choice.

It therefore goes without saying that your school’s online persona is the most important piece of selling you’ll ever have to do, reflecting your values, identity and charm to make you stand out from the crowd.

Through teaching you how to use social media effectively on the platforms parents are using and creating a good website that’s used to its best effect (believe us, many aren’t!), we will make you the most desirable school in your catchment area and draw new pupils to you – not to mention delighting those already on the roll. Your online platforms will get you seen. When a parent Googles your name, they will be greeted with options; a website, Twitter account, Facebook page – up to date and rich in entertaining and informative content.

Telling your school’s story brilliantly… 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to let current and prospective parents see what goes on behind the school gates, and see first hand the amazing work you do? We know a picture paints a thousands words, so just imagine their reaction to little faces full of pride as they hold up a football trophy, smiles during story time, or looks of deep concentration as a class thrashes out a difficult equation in a maths lesson.

Have you ever been greeted with a simple “nothing” when asking your children what they did at school that day? That age-old adage wont stand up for long once you’re putting out fantastic content on a daily basis, doing your school and hard working staff proud!

Now it’s your school’s time to shine

Your school’s story matters to us, and we want to help you meet the demands of this new technical age, showing parents what they want to see and making them fall in love with your school.

Through our extensive work with schools, the results are clear; we will give you a world class image to push you above the competition, engage you with parents and make you a part of their conversation.

If you are interested in learning a little more, we’re offering totally free consultation meetings with our Managing Director. These meetings are obligation free, but will give you a glimpse into a bright new future. Get in touch to arrange your strategy consultation today and discover how your school can start ‘telling your story brilliantly.’

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