At DME we firmly believe that predictable business growth comes through planning, execution and optimisation of an effective strategy. It should never be “tactical” but driven from a planned strategy which identifies the tactics that will be most effective in driving more traffic, leads and revenue.

Feel free to use these free resources to start planning out your journey and next steps.

Planning Your Business Growth – What Is Your Digital Strategy ?

Want to know how to drive business growth in the modern digital world ? Attract more visitors to your website, convert those visitors into leads in your CRM, nurture relationships and start sales conversations to close leads into customers before delighting them, so they buy more and tell their friends about you –> Read the Secrets to Predictable Business Growth in a Connected World 

Buyer Persona Creation – Who Is Your Buyer ?

The first step in any digital marketing strategy is in identifying who your “Ideal Customer Profile” is and within that profile, who are your target “Buyer Personas”. Make sure you spend time researching your buyer –> Read this in-depth guide to creating your perfect buyer persona.

Understanding Your Buyers Journey – What Is Your Buyer’s Journey ?

Now you know exactly who your buyer is, and not just their demographic details but have researched what their goals, pain points, challenges, questions, preferred devices, favourite social media and trusted sources of information are – you can now start to plan out the journey they go on from awareness, through consideration to decision. If you add valuable insight and help the buyer make the right decision – Read our guide to understanding your buyer’s journey – COMING SOON

Inbound Marketing – Attract & Convert

Want to understand more about the inbound marketing methodology ? What is Inbound Marketing and why it is the most effective way to attract, convert, close and delight the modern buyer –>  Read The Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing 

Inbound Selling – Close & Delight

Now you have a steady stream of traffic to your website and are converting this traffic into leads of active and passive buyers, how do you nurture the relationship, help these leads to move along their individual buyers journey’s and finally close them into customers ? This is where effective inbound sales, digital and social selling comes into play –> Read The Social Selling Strategy: Your Tool for Sales Success 

Metrics & Analytics – Measuring What Is Working

The power of digital and social media is that everything can be measured, so data will tell you what is working, where your leads and revenue are coming from, what content and insights your audience love and what they hate. You must become obsessed with the numbers, constantly be testing and optimising to drive better results from what is working and revisiting what is not. Read our guide to metrics that matter throughout each stage of your funnel and how to understand what they are telling you – COMING SOON