The Very Best Schools Tell Their Story Brilliantly… Let Digital Media Edge Show You How

Where we send our children to school is one of the most important and emotional decisions most parents ever make! We agonise over which schools are better, we scour the internet for information, we look at Ofsted results, we talk to other parents and we even move house to get into the right catchment area, whilst schools must do their very best to stand out in this increasingly competitive landscape.

How do the best schools reach their audience with their story on a daily basis ?

The best schools have become experts at telling their stories to interested parents and to their wider communities.  They use multiple social media channels to reach their audience, they use video extensively, their websites are brilliant, and they bring their schools to life with regular use of great social and digital content which is in abundance in schools every day, because they understand that these are the platforms and content that their audience use and enjoy.

But for many or even the majority of schools, the digital and social arena is largely unknown and untried, perhaps because of a lack of familiarity or even a fear of getting it wrong.  The real shame is that done well, social and digital is key to showcasing every school and to unlocking the best relationships with parents and the wider community, and it can be easily tamed with the right help.

Focusing on best practice and sharing what works

Digital Media Edge is a digital and social specialist working exclusively with schools, guiding you through this brave new world and helping you to tell your stories brilliantly.  Our unique focus is strategy before tactics; thoroughly planning a program with you before implementing the results and monitoring the outcome.

Together, we produce a bespoke digital and social media strategy based on your school’s objectives that focuses on effective use of multiple social media platforms, creating remarkable content from the everyday, and designing a top flight website (if required) that will serve as a hub not only for parents but also for the local community.  What is more, we will continuously measure results in order to optimise all areas of your strategy and create a cycle of continual improvement.

With an ever growing client base we have identified what works for schools, modelled best practice and witnessed first hand the impact our strategies have on increasing reach and engagement amongst pupils, staff, parents and the local community, being involved in their conversations and showcasing your school to its maximum effect. We have seen a direct impact on the number of pupils on the roll, improved ranking in a school catchment area and improved Ofsted ratings.

There truly has never been a better time to embrace the digital world. With time constraints and budgets at a premium we understand every school’s personal battle, and are therefore proud to offer fantastic value across our services, no upfront costs, and constant communication in the form of help, advice or simple reassurance.

Digital Media Edge can help your school start tell its story brilliantly 

If you are interested in learning a little more about how to make your school really stand out, we’re offering totally free consultation meetings with our Managing Director.  These meetings are obligation free, but will give you a glimpse into a bright new future.  Get in touch to arrange your strategy consultation today, and discover how your school can start ‘telling your story brilliantly.’

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