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How Using Instagram Hashtags Can Make a Difference in 2017

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Are Instagram Hashtags the new thing for 2017?
Here I explain how using them can boost your engagement, followers and likes on Instagram.

Your Audience- 

Firstly, getting to know your target audience is a huge step towards engagement on your social media platforms. Knowing your target audience means that you’ll be able to work towards finding relevant and relatable hashtags for your brand/business, resulting in a wider audience, so this is a very important step to think about first. Using hashtags that are relatable to your audience means that they are more likely to find you. Another very important part of engaging with your audience is knowing exactly when they are most active on Instagram. Studies have shown that 50% of social media managers claim that the most popular time Instagram is used is between 7pm and 9pm, therefore posting or scheduling an image to upload between them times would more than likely get you more engagement.

Finding The Perfect Hashtag-

Once you’ve figured out what target audience you are posting for, it’s then thinking about the most popular and relatable hashtags that you can use to connect with your identified target audience. These hashtags need to be very simple and snappy, if your hashtag is going to be too long and boring then your audience will not relate to this, resulting in less connection with them. Researching into your competitors and popular hashtags on Instagram can help you when finding hashtags for your own brand, but you need to have a good balance of popular and relatable hashtags to draw in engagement. Don’t overdo it, they will need to be short and sweet to catch your audiences eye, between 3-5 hashtags per image is more than enough when trying to interact with your target audience.

Making It Personal-

Creating a hashtag that is personal to your brand/business could help when you have smaller target audience and want them to help bring engagement in, therefore sharing your business to a wider audience. This can also put your hashtags into a category, therefore meaning that other people with the same interests can engage and see what you are posting about…just from one short, sweet and personal hashtag! Not only can you do this as a way of spreading your business to a wider audience, but you can also use emoji’s perhaps if you have a younger audience, which would draw their attention more than words would. It’s all about connecting your brand with similar people with a common interest.
These were some simple tips on how you can use hashtags on Instagram to get the best engagement for your business, but just experimenting can also work as well as planning. The key is to be relatable, relevant and active to see the best results in your audience engagement.

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