Video Email Marketing: Why Should You Include Videos in Your Emails?

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18th May 2020


Have you ever considered the concept of using video within your emails? If you haven’t, then you really should.

You may be looking at this thinking that email is dead within marketing, but that simply isn’t true. Email marketing remains the best way to attract and even retain customers.

Video marketing as a whole:

Video marketing is the use of videos to promote and market your product or service to increase your digital and social platforms. Videos can be used to educate your customers and reach your audience with a new medium.

According to research carried out by HubSpot, video content performs much better than any other type of content, with email and newsletters coming in at second best – so why not combine the two?

video email content

Video and the flywheel:

Video content has completely revolutionised the way that salespeople connect with prospects, leads and even converting them into customers. You can attract, engage and delight your audience with videos and video emails, they’re not just about increasing brand awareness. Read more about Inbound Marketing and why it is important to help and educate your prospects rather than try a hard-sell and push your message onto people – they won’t want to listen.

Educate, inform and help your prospects and customers through video. It can do so much more for you than just increase engagement, analytics can help you and your salespeople to qualify and prioritise cold or unresponsive leads.

Video & email:

Using video in your email improves both the open and click-through rates, and video marketing itself isn’t a new trend. It has been a pivotal content marketing tool across every platform and social media channel. Video is no longer just one small piece of your marketing puzzle, it’s now central to your customer outreach and marketing campaign strategy’s.

If you’re reading this and feeling a little overwhelmed by the concept of video, don’t be. You don’t need any fancy cameras, sound equipment or even editing software. Smartphones are now well equipped for video – most even shooting in 4K. Be real, raw and honest in your videos, your audience will love that, and it can have a real impact.

In the past, video had mainly been seen as a way of entertainment, while it still is, video is also an important marketing tool. Video has the capacity to increase conversion rates on landing pages by over 80%, while the mention of the word ‘video’ in your email subject line increases open rates by 19% and 90% of customers say that videos often help them when making a buying decision.

8 Types of video marketing to include in your emails:

  • Demo videos – showcase how your product works, a tour of your software, for example. You can add these into your email to show potential prospects how you can help them with the use of your software.
  • Brand videos – These are usually part of your larger marketing campaign and showcase the company’s vision/ideas and services. These videos are about building up your brand awareness and to attract potential customers to you and your services.
  • Event videos – perhaps you’ve hosted a workshop, a charity event, a seminar or any other event and you want to showcase this to the world, a highlight reel or clips of the event can be useful. Perhaps you’re hosting another similar event in a few weeks/months’ time and want to create an email marketing campaign to reach out to others who may be interested, including a small clip of a previous event may pique their interest.
  • Interviews – perhaps you’ve carried out an interview with an influencer in your field, this is a great way of building trust with your intended audience. These can also be added to emails alongside your social platforms. Imagine the open rate with your audience if you’ve got an interview with *insert name here* AND video in your email subject line?
  • Education & how-to videos – People always like help, using educational videos are a great way of informing and engaging your audience, this way they can better understand your business/product. What better way than to walk and talk them through it via a video? A much more cohesive way to fully explain things than it would be in plain text.
  • Animated videos – these can be really strong visually and are a great way to explain a product or service. Perhaps you may feel more comfortable producing an animated video than having your own face on screen.
  • Case studies & customer testimonial – Your prospects want to know that your product will solve their problem, using case studies will help give a real-life example of how you can help them.
  • Personalised messages – video can be a creative tool in creating a conversation, particularly via email. As consumers, we love when companies are personal towards us, it makes us feel special and that we’re important to that company/brand. If you’re sending an email follow up to a prospect you’ve recently had a meeting with, a personal video recapping the meeting and giving recommendations on how you can help them with the next step can go a long way, these videos are unique and will certainly drive your prospects through the buying journey.

All of these video styles can be added to emails to ensure your emails start to convert prospects into leads, to even continue to nurture your leads into customers, and then continue to delight and build trust with those customers.

Example of what a video can look like when embedded into an email – the play button at the centre of the screen allows the viewer to realise there’s a video.

Vidyard & video email:

Vidyard is the perfect video hosting platform if you’re wanting to get involved in video emails. The platform allows you to publish and update to social media channels, as well as enabling you to embed these videos into emails, all from one central location.

From your Vidyard portal, you’re able to see viewer insights – for example, how many views your video has received. This is extremely useful as you’ll be able to see what kinds of videos your audience enjoys, over time you’ll have built up a portfolio of different videos, and you can begin to piece together which ones have been the most effective. These valuable insights can then also be inputted directly into your marketing automation software or CRM.

Vidyard even makes it incredibly easy to personalise your videos – you can input features such as the viewers name and company directly into the video. What better way to connect with a prospect than to make it all about them and how important they are?

Elements to include in your video emails:

  • The word ‘video’ in the email subject line
  • Place the video below your email copy
  • Make sure auto play is enabled, but the sound is turned off. No one likes to be caught out with a loud video in the middle of a quiet office.
  • Include video captions – these will really help those who want to watch without sound.
  • Use an animated thumbnail
  • Film to fit the medium
  • Measure & track your videos – see what’s working and what’s not so you can achieve the best results possible.

Video Email Marketing Statistics from Vidyard:

Benefits of using video in emails:

Videos really give you a great opportunity to break through to your audience and really connect well with them, you can make complicated topics and issues a lot simpler while building up the trust and loyalty from your customers.

Videos are also great for B2B, most of the time buyers want to see interesting things but that doesn’t happen all too often. Video offers a range of creativity and captures the attention of the viewer, plus they’re much more visually pleasing than a paragraph of plain text that’s easy to ignore.

People receive hundreds of emails per day, so why not stand out from the crowd and get started with video email marketing today?

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